Unleashing Creativity: How to Make Time for Your Artistic Side, No Matter How Busy You Are

Finding time to nurture creativity can often feel like an overwhelming challenge, especially with all the work, family, and other responsibilities we have. But I believe it is incredibly important to make time for creativity. It can bring so much joy and fulfillment to our lives. Ultimately, finding time to nurture creativity is all about making it a priority in your life, setting achievable goals, creating a supportive environment, and taking care of yourself along the way. Creativity is a vital part of who you are, and making time for it is essential for your overall well-being. So, let’s talk about some practical tips on how to find time for creativity, even when life gets crazy busy.


First things first, you’ve got to prioritize your creative time. Just like you schedule in time for exercise or hanging out with friends, make sure you carve out some dedicated time for your creative projects. Treat it like a non-negotiable appointment that you can’t miss.

Realistic goals

Setting realistic goals is key. Instead of trying to tackle a massive project all at once, break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks. This way, you can make steady progress without feeling overwhelmed. For example, if you’re working on a writing project, aim to write a certain number of words each day instead of trying to finish the entire thing in one go.

Creative space

Having a designated creative space can do wonders for your creativity. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy—even just a cozy corner in your home or a simple desk in your office will do. Make sure your creative space is stocked with all the tools and materials you need, so you can easily dive into your projects whenever inspiration strikes.

Pockets of time

Don’t underestimate the power of small pockets of time. You don’t need long stretches of uninterrupted time to be creative. Short bursts of creativity throughout your day can be just as effective. Whether it’s jotting down ideas during your lunch break or sketching a quick doodle before bed, every little bit counts.

There’s an app for that

Technology can be a great tool for staying organized and on track with your creative goals. There are apps and tools out there that can help you track your progress, set reminders, and even spark inspiration when you’re feeling stuck. Just be mindful of how you’re using technology, so it’s actually helping, not hindering, your creative pursuits. Don’t get distracted and start scrolling through Instagram now!

Look for sparks

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Keep an open mind and look for creative sparks in your everyday life—a conversation with a friend, a walk in nature, or even a piece of art that catches your eye. By staying curious and observant, you’ll find that inspiration is all around you.


Collaborating with others can be a game-changer for your creativity. Join a creative group, share your work with a friend, or start a collaborative project with a colleague. Not only does it keep you motivated and accountable, but it also brings fresh perspectives and ideas to the table.

Self care

And last but not least, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Self-care is crucial for maintaining your creativity and staying inspired. Make sure you’re getting enough rest, eating well, exercising, and doing things that bring you joy. Taking care of yourself will recharge your creative energy and ensure you can make time for your artistic pursuits. You can’t draw from an empty well, so go ahead and fill up that well!

Challenge yourself!

As a challenge for yourself this week, I want to encourage you to try a new creative activity outside of your comfort zone. Whether it’s painting, writing poetry, learning a new instrument, or trying your hand at photography, step out of your usual routine and experiment with something different. Take the time to explore and play without worrying about the end result. Embrace the process and see where it takes you.

Set aside a specific time each day to engage in this new creative activity, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. Allow yourself to be fully present and immerse yourself in the joy of creation. Notice how it makes you feel and how it sparks your imagination.

At the end of the week, reflect on your experience and take note of any insights or discoveries you’ve made. Did trying something new help you see things from a different perspective? Did it unlock new ideas or inspire you in unexpected ways?

Nurturing your creativity is a journey, not a destination. So embrace the process, be kind to yourself, and keep experimenting. You never know what amazing things you might create when you give yourself the space to explore and grow. So go ahead, take on this challenge, and let your creativity soar! (And be sure to tag us if you share your newly unleashed creativity online, we want to see!)

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