our story

Bringing color into your space through art + stories.

While our art takes different forms (Ellie sews + writes, Lottie illustrates + paints), we both love how a touch of the handmade combined with color and pattern elevates any space, whether digital or in real life.

lottie’s creative story

Lottie’s start into the creative world was after she quit working as an IT product and project manager and moved from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to Canada. She wrote + illustrated a picture-based cookbook, Little Cookery for kids as young as 2 to learn to be in the kitchen. This was her first major illustration and design project and the start of a new love. She went on to license illustrations + designs, primarily through Minted over at Lottie Made.

Most days, you can find her painting the Nova Scotian scenery around her, homeschooling her kids, or teaching art classes.

Ellie’s creative Story

After Ellie’s mother-in-law showed her how to use a sewing machine, she found her passion. She made her first dress, a hideously wrinkly green thing, and fell in love. Ellie has since tried her hand at quilting, sewing softies, and embroidery. However, garment sewing will always have a special place in her heart.

You can usually find Ellie either working on Grace Go Bloom magazine, sitting behind her sewing machine, or at work in her office at the children’s home in Eswatini, where she lives with her husband and three young boys.

and what’s happening now…

While working in our own creative fields, we met lots of creative people. Ordinary people with sweet, big, or insightful stories to tell. When we realised these were stories that weren’t being told, we wanted to be the ones that told them for the good of others. That’s when we started our faith-filled magazine, Grace Go Bloom. Every quarter or so, we release all the stories we’ve collected and showcase contributing artists’ work on the cover.

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Deerfields – Medical
Tramedico – Medical
Zsu wedding
Greeting cards, invites and various custom stationery licensed

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Artful Dodgy
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Expand Women’s Conference
Guelph Grizzlies
Soothing Bricks


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Friedberg Scientific Advisors


Emily Jeffords – The Collective
Guelph School of Art
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I Made This Brand
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Droge Ogen


The Studio Planner
Little Cookery (with Georgia Platman)
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