Your Checklist For Choosing Art For Your Living Room

I am a homebody. I love making my space warm and inviting, being surrounded by the comfort of the people and the things I love. For me, art is a huge part of making my house feel like a home. It reflects who I am, what I love, and what story I want my home to tell. But choosing art for your living room can be scary, even overwhelming.

I want to share with you my eight tips to help you choose pieces of art for your living room, so you can stop dreaming and planning, and start making your house the home you want it to be. And make sure to read my bonus tip at the end, because I believe it’s the most important one of all.

1: The mood of your space

Unless you want to do a complete living room overhaul, look for art that reflects the current vibe of your space. Is your living room cozy, minimalistic, modern, eclectic, art deco or farm house? My living room is eclectic, colorful and clutterfree, so I chose art that fits into that look.

Because art has the power to set the mood, make sure the pieces you choose echo the message your room already sends out. Look at your furniture, your color scheme, even your flooring. You need to take all these things into account before deciding on which pieces of art to add.

2: The statement you want to make

Do you want the art to be a statement piece and conversation starter? Do you want something bold that immediately draws attention? Or would you prefer something that adds warmth and depth to your space in an unobtrusive way? Deciding on what you expect from a piece of art before starting your search, will help you dismiss options that don’t fall in line with your end goal, and save you a lot of time.

3: The size of the room

No one is saying that you can’t put a large piece of art in a small room, or vice versa. It does need to be done with consideration though. A large painting can overwhelm a small room, and a smaller piece might be completely overlooked. Of course this is not always the case, but it does require some consideration and maybe a test run, to make sure your chosen piece has the desired impact. My living room, for example, is spacious and open, and because of this, a few larger pieces strategically placed, bring a sense of cohesion to the open plan layout.

4: The walls + furniture around

What wall space do you have available? Where would you ideally like to place your piece of art, and how does it work with the placement of your furniture? This might be a great time to move around the layout of your living room to discover unexpected areas to display your art.

5: Rearrange what you already own

Do you love the art you already have in your living room, but just feel bored with it? You can add one or two new complementary pieces, and rearrange it all into a brand new gallery wall. By adding a few new pieces and displaying them in a different way, you can breathe new life into what you already own and love.

6: Inspiration in unusual places

Pinterest is great for inspiration, and so are Instagram and home magazines. But what if you just can’t find something that really speaks to you? I find it very helpful to look through the photos on my phone. What grabbed my attention to such a degree that I just had to take a picture of it, and what does this say about my taste?

You can also look around the homes of family and friends, not only to see what you like, but also what does not match your style. Even looking through your wardrobe might tell you something about yourself and what tone you like to set.

7: On commissioning art

Still can’t find exactly what you are looking for? There are many artists out there who take commissions, helping you to achieve the exact look and feel you want for your living room. Do your research and get recommendations, peruse Instagram pages and online shops, and go down the rabbit hole until you find an artist who feels right for you, and then reach out with your ideas.

Sunday Morning’ by Lottie Aldarwish

8: Consider the frame

Choosing the right frame for your art can make a huge difference to the effect it has on your space. Where some artworks come framed already (insert link to Lottie’s framed pieces), others do not. There are a lot of great guides online that will help you choose the right frame, but feel free to experiment and try out some unusual and unexpected options. I love the look of our custom made floater frames. They suit almost any artwork and any style of home decor, and they are a favorite of many of my customers.

Bonus tip: Consider ignoring all these tips and following your gut

Choosing art, decorating your home, setting up your space so it reflects who you are, are highly personal things. Taste and styles are always changing and evolving, and what might currently be seen as the “right way” to do things, could not be to your liking at all. Some of my favorite items on display in my home are things that other people wouldn’t look twice at. Your space, if you follow your gut, will not look like anyone else’s space. And I believe that that’s a wonderful thing.

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