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Creative Minds Unite: My 8 Favorite Online Platforms to Spark Imagination and Innovation

Today, I want to share with you the 8 best online learning tools I know of. These will ignite your creativity and inspire you in so many new ways! Whether you’re an artist, a writer, or just someone who loves to think outside the box, these tools will spark your imagination. Use these to help you unleash your creative potential. Let’s talk about my favorite online learning resources!


Skillshare is great for creative skill building and a fantastic platform for creative exploration. They have literally thousands of classes in design, photography, writing, and more. If you want to experiment with new techniques, discover your unique style, and unleash your creative potential, I suggest diving into Skillshare’s creative community and letting your imagination run wild!


TED-Ed is best known for academic lectures, but did you know it’s also a hub of creative inspiration? You will find a library of animated videos on art, literature, and creativity. They offer thought-provoking videos that will spark your imagination and push you to think outside the box. Highly recommended!

London Drawing Group

Are you interested in the fine arts and traditional drawing techniques? The London Drawing Group offers a variety of online classes and workshops that are led by experienced artists. The London Drawing Group is a dynamic collective of artists and educators based in London. They are dedicated to promoting the practice and appreciation of drawing as a form of creative expression. Through a combination of traditional and experimental approaches, the LDG aims to inspire and nurture a passion for drawing.


Domestika is my favorite learning platform. It offers a wide range of creative courses, taught by industry professionals. Are you into graphic design? Illustration, photography, or animation? Domestika has you covered! The interface is user-friendly. The video lessons are high-quality. Domestika makes it super easy to learn new techniques or refine existing ones. I have done a bunch of their courses, and I have found them to be engaging and fun. I also love connecting with fellow creatives from around the world. Are you a beginner looking to dip your toes into a new creative field? Or maybe you’re a seasoned professional? Either way, Domestika has the resources you need to unleash your full creative potential.

LinkedIn Learning

Did you know that you can use LinkedIn as a source of creative inspiration? You can find courses on creativity, innovation, and design, among others. LinkedIn Learning will challenge you to think differently, problem-solve creatively, and unleash your creative genius in the workplace.


Coursera offers courses in writing, music, and theater, just to name a few. You’ll find a huge array of creative classes to explore, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a budding novelist, a musical prodigy, or a theatrical visionary, Coursera will help you to learn, grow, and stand out in the creative world.


Behance is a popular online platform that serves as a digital showcase for artists, designers, and creatives from around the world. It allows users to create personalized portfolios to display their work. It can help you connect with other creatives, and gain exposure for your projects. Behance provides a space for creatives to discover new talent and seek inspiration. It’s also a great place to collaborate with other creatives! It has a user-friendly interface and a vast community of users. So if you want to share your work and team up with artists from all over the world, check out Behance!


Are you an artist? Being an artist is not just about creating art. Unfortunately, right? If you want to see your creations, you will have to learn about pricing your work, self-promotion, and how to be a professional in the creative industries. Intern offers a program that will help you find your vision and find the right job for you. Intern says, “There’s no singular right way to build a career, but there are lots of ways that you can be smart with your time and resources, so that you don’t have to make all of the same mistakes that the rest of us have.”

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So, there you have it—the 8 best online learning tools. I hope these tools will ignite your imagination and help you express your unique vision!

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