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Style or Stash? The Ultimate Home Display Quiz!

When you look around your home, do you love what you have on display?

The pictures on the walls, the prints you have up, the trinkets that you have on your bookshelves or windowsills? Or is it better described as a random assortment of things that semi-accidentally ended up in your house? If the latter describes you and you kind of wish it didn’t, don’t worry!

Here’s how I’d tackle it…

  1. Pick an item—any item—that you are not sure deserves to take up valuable real estate in your home.
  2. Then take the quiz below, reflect on your answers, and make an informed decision. Trust your instincts!
  3. You’ve got this. Start styling, just pick a starting point – there are no right or wrongs!

Quiz: Should You Display That Item in Your House?

Answer the questions below and tally how many As and Bs you get. Then check your results below!

Question 1: Does the item hold sentimental value for you? Is it a family heirloom or a gift from a loved one?

a) Yes, it’s full of sentimental value!
b) Nope, not really.

Question 2: Does the item match the current style and vibe of your house?

a) Absolutely, it fits right in!
b) Nah, it’s a bit of a misfit.

Question 3: Is the item useful, or does it add value to your living space?

a) Yes, it’s both decorative and useful!
b) No, it’s just taking up space.

Question 4: Does looking at the item bring back happy feelings or memories?

a) Yes, it’s all good vibes.
b) No, it’s a bit of a downer.

Question 5: Does the item hold significant monetary or historical value?

a) Yes, it’s a treasure worth showcasing.
b) No, it’s just something you own.

Question 6: Do you have enough room in your house to display the item without overcrowding?

a) Absolutely, there’s a perfect spot for it!
b) Nope, space is tight.

Question 7: Have you asked your family or roommates for input on displaying the item?

a) Yes, and they’re all for it!
b) No, it’s your decision.

Question 8: Do you have a personal attachment to the item?

a) Yes, it means a lot to you.
b) No, you’re not too fussed about it.

The results are in!

Mostly A’s:

Looks like that item deserves a prime spot in your house! You clearly love it. So even if you don’t know exactly where to display it, try to find a good place. Maybe instead of something else you like a lot less?

Mostly B’s:

Maybe it’s best to reconsider displaying the item. If it doesn’t align with your vibe, serve a purpose, or spark joy, it might be better off stored away.

There you have it, your guide to determining whether that item should take center stage in your home décor! But quiz or no, remember to trust your instincts, create a space that reflects who you are, and surrounds you with positivity and joy!

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